Being a Belgian brand, Quick-Step was the first to ever produce the glueless integrated click system called UNICLIC, which is patented and being used worldwide now. Quick-Step has always prioritise innovation and having a strong R&D team to constantly making sure that their products meets the standard they set up to as well as produce longer lasting and exclusive products for their customers.

Being innovative and wanting to be different than others had put Quick-Step in a stage where their products are being accepted widely around the world. Quick-Step’s HARDWOOD products comes in many yet unique series, starting from IMPERIO, the largest piece where it puts you close to mother nature, PALAZZO, a long and wide oak planks that allows you to appreciate it’s natural beauty, CASTELLO, the narrow and long planks yet shows the elegant part of the wood, VARIANO, the unique planks with a touch of its reclaimed look and patterns, VILLA, long and vivid oak planks, and last but not least, COMPACT, the renovation friendly planks that suits almost everyone.

Achievements & Awards

quickstep-achievementQuick-Step products are both FSC & PEFC Certified which carries the meaning that Quick-Step uses environmental friendly methods to produce their finished goods